Dr. Greenberg is my favorite Chiropractor , he has a very gentle approach and answers my questions in a clear and understanding way. In all my years of Chiropractic care he is the best one I’ve seen. I would recommend Dr. Greenberg to anyone.

– D.G.

I have severe pain issues. After a multitude of physical therapists, pain doctors, yoga and acupuncturists, my Husband and I have found the most relief from pain by seeing Dr. Greenberg. He really cares about his patients. He has explained in depth my x-rays and MRIs. We trust and rely on Dr. Kenneth Greenberg.

– Alice and Steve

Dr. Greenberg is wonderful. He is only my second experience with a chiropractor, the first time was not a good experience so I was a bit skeptical at first, and I’m so happy this experience has gone so well. I would recommend Dr. G to anyone!

also…Having Chance as my massage therapist has been so wonderful, she is so sweet and is so good at what she does and her knowledge of the body is incredible. I will most likely continue with her after I’m well. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

– Cheryl

Dr. Greenberg is simply the best! He was my treating chiropractic after both of my car accidents and helped me recover and get back to a place where I could return to many of the physical activities I did prior to the accidents. I cant say enough bout how appreciative I am.

– Jessica

Dr. Greenberg is the best. I’ve been to 5 other Chiropractors in my life and he has helped me the most. He is very caring and sympathetic to my conditions and has extensive knowledge of how to treat me, He is the only one that has given me specific exercises to do at home.

– Nancy

I’ve been seeing Dr. G for several years and have never been disappointed. I’ve dealt with an ongoing issue and he’s helped teach me ways to manage my pain, limit the instances in which the pain increases, and maintain healthy posture. Most doctor’s hurry through their appointments, but Dr. G always takes time to ensure that I am seen thoroughly and without a sense of rushing through the motions. It’s appreciated that he takes the time to care so much. I recommend Dr. G to anyone who asks about a good chiropractor.

– Trish

Dr. Greenberg is so kind, Always willing to discuss any problems I may be having. He is also very gentle never over-doing any adjustment. And he is so friendly- a very nice gentleman!! I have recommended him too many friends.

– Dorinda L.

Everyone is so nice and friendly. Dr. Greenberg does everything he can to help. He really listens to your needs and concerns.

– Kimberly P.

So happy I found Dr. Greenberg! I’ve been looking for a new chiropractor for several years now since mine retired. I went to see three other chiropractors in the San Diego / La Mesa area, and they were just “chiropractors,” nothing special… that is until I walked into Dr. Greenberg’s office. He’s fantastic! Very professional and personable, and most of all – he really cares! I came into his office with horrible sciatica pain barely able to walk, and now 3 treatments later, I feel so much better! He definitely knows what he’s doing, has a lot of the latest technology, and gives really great neck adjustments. I’ve definitely found my new chiropractor!

– Jules

I walked into Dr. Greenburg’s office not knowing anything about Chiropractors, and very nervous. I left feeling very comfortable….and pain free. Dr. Greenburg is not at all a salesman. He listens to his clients, and takes his time. Many great experiences with Dr. Greenburg, and I continue to refer people to him.

– S.Michelle H

Been going to Dr Greenberg now for going on two plus years. He was recommended by a work associate of my wifes. I have a bad lower back that acts up a couple times a year and I figured I would give it a try. Hadnt had much luck with Chiros on the past. After the first visit I noticed immediate results. Two treatments later back pain was gone. About six months later had another flair up and back to Dr. Greenberg. Same good results. I go back a average of 2-3 times a year for a tuneup. I am in a very physical job so I am constantly using my back. Dr Greenberg is through, professional and most importantly, takes the time needed . He doesn’t treat you like a number and does just what is needed. I’ve had chiros in the past make you commit to a large number of treatments in advance. Like i said my treatments with Dr Greenberg have been highly successful, so successful I had my workers comp provider make Dr Greenberg my primary back guy.

– Jon W.

Approximately three weeks ago my arthritis and back pain (sciatica) increased two fold to the degree that it took me four hours to get up from the bed with much help.

We went to Dr. Greenberg the next day for some relief from the pain. I tried a new treatment (Cold Laser) along with his other back stretching therapy. The next day I went back again for the laser and stretching, and I was 80% improved from the first day. By the fourth treatment, I was able to get up from bed, walk with minimal pain and only needed one pain pill for the day. I can walk and move without pain and I feel 90% improved from the first visit.

– R.O’Connell

I’m a long-time patient and have consistently had good results from Ken’s care. I typically have issues with my neck, shoulders and tension-headaches, and I never fail to feel improvement with the adjustments I receive. As with all medical practicioners, one must be selective in who they have provide care for themselves and their family; I would not hesitate to recommend San Diego Chiropractic.

– Dave K.

I came to you in an absolute panic that the next phase in life would be a wheelchair due to chronically Charlie Horsed legs. I can’t tell you how primal my silent scream felt-only I could hear it. The first thing you said “it’s all in your back.” O joy!! Now two short weeks later I’m walking up and down hills in 16 block city walks no cramps! I can’t say any words that express my profound gratitude. The scream has turned into a cosmic OM. So maybe that says it best.


– Sara C.

Dr.Greenberg was very accommodating and professional. He was very knowledgeable in his practice, compared to the various other doctors I’ve had adjustment preformed by. Its always a plus to walk out with some pain having already subsided.

– Jacob